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Clergy & Staff


Organist - Vic Donnell

"I feel truly blessed to have been led to All Saints to provide musical support as we worship and praise our Father. Having the opportunity to get to know you all has been another wonderful blessing, especially the Garris crew who have been nothing but helpful and supportive from Day One. Having Fr. Frank is a special blessing as he doesn’t preach at us, he talks to us all according to the Word. A special thanks to George and Amy... Amy for my cup and George for my caffeine."

Please click the PDF below for Organist Vic Donnell's short bio.

Supply Priests

Fr Bill Bates

Fr Walter Ospina



Gregory (Greg) Garris, Senior Warden

Thomas (Tom) Trumble, Junior Warden

Thomas (Tom) Garris, Member and ASAC Treasurer

Colin Trumble, Secretary

George Smith, Member

Judith (Judy) Hartle, Member

John Beverly, Member


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